Wednesday, August 25, 2010

...To yours

I was making a post-card this morning to send to a friend when I realized how much fun I was having. You know how special it felt as a little kid to retrieve the mail from your mailbox and find something handwritten just to you? My heart still jumps a little when I receive mail. It makes me feel special to know someone took the time to think of me and what I need. One area I could use improvement in is the art of letter-writing. But being a bit of an artist, I can be picky with the effort put into a letter; particularly the appearance. Sometimes I feel like it has to look "perfect" before I send it. (I'm working on getting over that). 

Anyhow, I had so much fun making my little post-card this morning, I decided I'd show you how to make one yourself. :) 

What you'll need:

  • Two pieces of the same sized colored/decorative paper or card-stock
  • Needle
  • Thread with a color that compliments your paper choice
  • Scissors
  • A recipient in mind :)
Now, place the paper color face out (the colorless sides of each paper should be "sandwiched" together). Get your needle and thread and start by piercing each piece of paper in one of the corners. This will be your starting/stopping point. For you visual learners, I've fanned mine out for you to see. Do you see the red thread?

Now, pick a stitch pattern. Whatever you want! :) I have chosen to do mine by hand, but I'm sure you could use a sewing machine to accomplish the same idea. Below is a mid-way picture of what stitching pattern I landed on:

And NOW...the finished product! :) Send a letter to someone who needs a little extra encouragement. Imagine the big smile you'll help put on their face by taking a little time to show them you love them! Have fun! It doesn't have to look perfect. ;) Happy post-carding!


                     Q Berry

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  1. Adorable! great job emily. I look forward to seeing your posts. xoxo