Tuesday, August 24, 2010

From my living room...

"Q berry"
That would be me as favorite nickname
And as I am one of many (Q berries that is)
I decided to entitle my blog "This Q berry"
I am one person with one voice
As are you
May we never use that as an excuse to avoid using it
You would probably not pick me out of a crowd
I am simple silly & love to sing
This blog is a place for creativity life & music
Mine & yours
Post whatever you'd like (be polite please)
Your ideas & dreams
I hope you discover your creative side (and/or enjoy mine)
This project is founded with the hope you find love & joy on the pages of my blog
It is but a small window into my world
So without further adieu: from my living room to yours...
    Miss Q berry


  1. I hope I am the first to post on your new blog. Love it, Emily. And I want Vicki to see your idea of making postcards. Vicki loves to make cards. Both she and Kaitlyn do it often and, one time, Vicki brought all of her supplies that filled the back of her suburban, to my house. We three plus Cheryl spent 3 days making dozens of cards and what fun we had. We moved the furniture in my living room and made it our workroom.
    The handwritten word can be so meaningful. Even at my ripe old age, I love receiving handwritten notes and letters. Doing genealogy work, I often run across handwritten letters from the very early days. It gives me such a feel for what life was like in the early days of our ancestors and a real plus is reading the way they wrote and their use of our words. In many cases, their use of our language and even their spelling was somewhat different than our useage. In addition I have several letters from your Uncle Bud that he wrote to his parents while serving in the Army during World WarII. t
    These are all treasures that I fear will no longer be as we all resort to the electronic method of communicating.

  2. Dear Em,

    Heeeey Boo! its Kam.

    Im really excited about your blog and all the things youre planning to offer! I am also glad to be one the ppl who can say that they were here before you become famous =) Keep your head up and continue to achieve goals and follow your dreams

    xoxoxo Kameron