Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ups and Downs

Hello again readers. :)

I know it's been a while since I have written to you, partially because life has been a little bit crazy and partially because I procrastinate. Yet, I always seem to have an idea knocking on the door of my brain trying to get out onto my journal, napkins, receipts or whatever is able to be inked... (or typed I suppose).

In my first blog post I mentioned posting other people's work, so today I'd love to share one of my buddies artistry. His name is Louie Hogan and he made this video for a film class in high school. He used one of my favorite Jon Foreman (Switchfoot lead vocalist) songs as the background, so be sure to listen to the lyrics.  Besides the subtle and gentle approach Louie took to the film style, I think he did a great job matching the tone and message of the song. 

For those of you who haven't heard it, let me just say it's a song about ups and downs. It's a song about realizing that broken and lost people belong to someone--and if not any earthly family, we know they belong to God. So, watch it, let it sink in. I can't help but find myself convicted and motivated to have open eyes and a compassionate heart towards the lost, which I believe to be the point of the song. 

Somebody's Baby by Jon Foreman video by Louie Hogan

Can I ask you to respond to this film? I have been thinking a lot about taking action regarding people in need, yet I find myself thinking too much and not acting upon those thoughts and convictions. Maybe you can relate. You see, I feel so often that there is nothing I have to offer people in need that will truly make a lasting impact on their lives, because I will probably never start a non-profit to feed the hungry or educate the homeless or build a school over seas. However, it doesn't mean I have nothing to do. And it's time for me to make a change, so why not make it with me? 

Like many artists, I realize that there is a whole lot of creativity that you cannot touch. That kind of creativity looks like a smile on someone's face because of a compliment they have received. Or the healing tears of a hurting, single mother who's emotional needs have been cast to the side so that her children can make it through the week. It is listening, supporting, building others up, cheering them on, bringing them together, thinking about someone else's needs and taking action to fill those needs. This creativity is beautiful and it may take practice, but it doesn't require an artistic "eye" but a creative and selfless heart. When the paintbrush is held by the heart and not by the hand. Help someone whose ups and downs are too much for them to go through alone. Don't we all know someone who could use that support? Create a wonderful beautiful friendship of care and tenderness. Love others, for this is creativity at it's finest (if you ask me). ;)

Keep creating! Abstract or literal! I'm right there with ya!

Q Berry

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