Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Place

So I thought maybe you would like to know what part of my home looks like. Sometimes having an idea of where somebody comes from helps me to understand them better. :) Besides that, my place hasn't always looked as nice as it does now. To give you and idea, here is a picture of my living room before Joel and I went to work at it with paint. (Well...and a bit of decorating)

Notice the "patched" holes in the wall left by the previous tenant.

(My wonderful family)
(Mom, Dad, and Tyler)

(My adorable husband)
(My favorite place to read)

(My "recording studio" and my place for writing,
brainstorming, creating...hence the messiness. Smile.)

Now as you can see a little paint can make a big difference in your home. Besides that, it is not an expensive way to warm up a room. It completely changed the feel of our home and we only painted part of one of our walls. :) 

If you so choose to paint a room or a wall, I will leave you with a parting tip: I recommend choosing coordinating colors to tie your room together. They don't all have to be the same shade, but something that will help your room make sense and feel welcoming. 

For example, there is a blue/grey on the wall, pillow, and rug. As well as the ivory of the couch and rug. 

Keep creating! Have fun, get messy, and enjoy the end product!

From my living room to yours,

Miss Q Berry

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